Leadership Discipleship Training School
YWAM DTS Louisville

Let your God-given influence flourish as you learn from experienced leaders and develop your own gifts. Learn practically as we study the greatest leader in history: Jesus.

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Leadership DTS

- Overview-
Leadership Elective

You were born to lead.

Discover your leadership style and grow in godly influence in our Leadership DTS.

The Leadership DTS incorporates all the elements of our Foundations Discipleship Training School: personal relationship with God, knowing his character, humility and obedience, discovering who he’s made you to be, living that out in relationship with others, and so much more.

It adds an emphasis on developing leadership skills. You’ll work with seasoned leaders to learn about styles of leadership, the value of humility, communication with a diversity of personalities, and so much more.

Learn to lead like Jesus as you’re led by him. Put those skills into practice in our Leadership DTS.

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Enhance your DTS with an Elective

Besides the core Discipleship Training School "Foundations", we have multiple electives that we offer to enhance your experience. Click on any of the electives to find out more:

Learn the basics of engaging with other cultures and religions with the Gospel.

Build your relationship with God on solid ground that will survive the test of time

Honor God with your musical gifts, hone your skills, and lead worship.

God the great Artist has made you his masterpiece. Learn how to use your creative gifts for his glory

Play frequently, improve your game, and learn how basketball breaks down barriers to connect with people.