Grow as a visual artist while you grow in Jesus and learn how to use your artistic gifts in worship and ministry. The Create DTS Elective is for visual artists of any skill level who want to grow in their craft as they grow in knowing Jesus.

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What is the Create Elective?

This elective incorporates elements like: a personal relationship with God, knowing His character, growing in humility and obedience, discovering who He’s made you to be, living that out in relationship with others, and so much more. It adds an emphasis on using what we create to worship God, reveal His heart, and express yourself to Him and others. You’ll develop skills and grow in confidence as you learn how your artistic ability can further the kingdom of God.

God, the great artist, has made you His masterpiece. Learn how to use your creative gifts for His glory in the Create DTS Elective.

Create Elective DTS YWAM

What Does This Elective Involve?

  • Identity as an Artist

  • Worship with Visual Arts

  • Excellence and Creativity

  • Our Call to Reflect God

  • Humility

  • Confidence

  • Art in Evangalism


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