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Make Him Known

Want to grow your relationship with God? Discover your purpose, go deeper with God, and travel the globe sharing the love of Jesus with YWAM.

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Learn More About God And Yourself

YWAM's Discipleship Training School (DTS) is packed with powerful teaching and in-depth discipleship. It is a five-month long program where you’ll learn all about who Jesus is and how to be more like Him as you grow with others in a Christ-centered community.


Share Jesus With Others

Now take that knowledge and turn it to action! We believe God created you with a purpose and part of that purpose is introducing others to the life-giving hope of who Jesus is. So get ready to pack your bags, head off to another country, be immersed in another culture, and have opportunities to share the gospel. We had teams this year in Thailand, Mexico, North Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia!

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Be Captivated By God


Join others from around the world who desire to know God and make Him known. Community isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a calling that works itself into our day-to-day realities


Our discipleship takes you deep, rooting you in the truth of God’s Word and helping you grow in His love as you encounter Him in real, practical ways. 


Praise Him from the overflow of your relationship with God. We have dedicated time throughout the week to Worship Him

What Does DTS Looks Like?

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Our YWAM DTS Electives

Invest in your interests, skills, and passions to serve the Lord. Electives are added on to the Classic DTS.  Click on an elective to find out more:



After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to do some type of missions but had no idea what that looked like for me. I researched a few different missions organizations, but nothing really stood out until I heard about YWAM. What intrigued me about them was the community base, the training, and the outreach- checking every box that I had on my list.

I knew I wanted to do a DTS when YWAM Louisville called me, and everything they described their base and school as fit what I was looking for. In DTS, I found friends as close as family, biblical discipleship, a transformed relationship with Jesus, and an opportunity to use my gifts in missions. I never would have imagined of going to the places I’ve been or the ways God has used me through YWAM.

I recommend DTS to everyone, because of the ways that the Lord met me, transformed me, and used me. My life will never be the same again! I am so grateful for how I have been invested in here at YWAM Louisville, launched to places I couldn’t have dreamed of, and for the new relationship I have with God!



The decision to come to YWAM Louisville has drastically changed my life. My whole life had been surrounded by insecurity, confusion, and passivity. I was almost running out of hope and doubting God's actual existence when I got the chance to come to a discipleship training school. I grew up going to church and thought I knew who God was, but I was so wrong. God used YWAM Louisville to reveal who He is and how deeply He cares for me. Every week, I felt like my beliefs and perspective of the Lord were challenged. The staff challenged me to keep pursuing the Lord through all of my questions and doubts. I started to realize God can handle my questions and He will never leave my side. I am so grateful for how God is moving at YWAM Louisville. I'm also so grateful for their commitment to fighting for each other and living out the truth of scripture. I have finally found hope, stability, and security for the first time in my life. If anyone is looking to know God deeper or what it looks like to live in truth, I would recommend coming here!



In September of 2019 I decided to do a Discipleship Training School with YWAM Louisville. Prior to this decision I felt stagnant in my faith and I was longing to further my relationship with the Lord. My school helped me do this and more. I learned how the Lord wanted a personal relationship and what that looks like for me.
For the second part of my school I had the opportunity to go on an overseas mission trip to Southeast Asia for six weeks. My team and I were able to minister to the Hindu people. We taught English to students in schools, we shared stories to families in homes and we served food to widows in church. All with the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus and what relationship with him looks like.
I would recommend YWAM Louisville to anyone looking to start or further their relationship with the Lord! Everyone there wants to see YOU grow in your relationship with the Lord. My experience with them was amazing and I would recommend YWAM Louisville to anyone!

Extend Your Time to 10-Months

Do a full-year of missions with YWAM by combining Discipleship Training School (DTS) with the School of Ministry Development (SOMD). Travel the world more, share the gospel more, and discover your calling.

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