Use your passion for basketball to reach our neighbors and the nations. If you’re an athlete at any level and you want to invest your gifts in God’s kingdom, the Basketball DTS Elective is for you. Allow God to increase your influence through your passion as you follow Him.

What is the DTS Basketball Elective?

The Basketball Elective is an add-on to your DTS. During the elective time, you’ll be trained in working as a team, walking in humility, developing skills, sportsmanship, and so much more. The added focus of basketball will also allow for you to participate in additional playing time throughout the week and teach you how you can use your skills and passion for the game to share the Gospel with people! It's not uncommon for there to be opportunities, both in Louisville and overseas, to use the things you'll learn during your DTS elective time.

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What Does This Elective Involve?

Godly Character as an Athlete

We’re called to represent the Lord in all we do and that includes playing basketball. Learn about character attributes that are essential to growing closer to who you’re called to be as an athlete.

Humility On and Off the Court

Humility means putting others ahead of yourself. Putting the team and your teammates first is one of the most important and hardest things you’ll do. Everybody wants to be the hero but to represent the Lord while playing, walking in humility is key.

Healthy Competition

Our deepest and most raw emotions tend to come out in the heat of competition. Here you have the opportunity to learn how to deal with these emotions in a healthy way and enjoy competition instead of being ruled by it.

Sharing the Gospel Through Basketball

Whether it’s here in Louisville or during your overseas outreach, sports are a great way to meet people. Learn how to use the relationships you make through playing basketball to share the Gospel with people.

James Naismith (1861 - 1931) - Inventor of Basketball/Minister

“To win men for the Master through the gym.”

In December 1891 Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball. Dr. Naismith’s invention came during the winter when he came up with an indoor game to attract young men during the harsh New England winters – in order to share the gospel on a year-round basis. With nothing more than a soccer ball, two empty peach baskets, a ladder and ten handwritten rules he  created a game that would become the most watched and played indoor sport in the world.

With now over 450 million players and fans across the World, Basketball can still be used as a way to share the gospel with people. What started with James Naismith needs to continue until all have heard the name of Jesus.

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