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Get strategic! Learn how to engage cultures and religions that have had little or no access to the Gospel.

What is the Cultural Encounter Elective?

Our Cultural Encounter DTS is for those who love to celebrate diversity and experience cultures outside of their own. You’ll learn the basics of engaging with other cultures and religions, seek the heart of God for the nations He’s made, examine the call to global missions that’s woven throughout the whole Bible and how to contextualize the Gospel to be able to share it anywhere. We’ll unpack all that with one another over some tasty meals and delicious espresso. We’ll also learn how hospitality opens doors for the gospel and explore cross-cultural cuisine as we minister overseas.

Discover just how far God’s love can reach, how delightful and diverse creation is, and your personal role to play.

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What Does This Elective Involve?

Understanding & Celebrating Cultures

Gain a deeper understanding of culture, its effect on you, and the lens through which you see the world.

Global Need For The Gospel

What can the Gospel affect and what is the church doing to share it?

Experience Other Cultures

Experience culture through trying different international foods and traditions.


Learn about hospitality and what it looks like as it relates to other cultures and the Gospel.

Biblical Basis For Missions

Look at the story of the Bible and history as a whole to understand more of God's missionary heart and love for all people.

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